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5 Tips for Getting Active with Diabetes!

Deciding to commit to a regular exercise program is one of the MOST important things you can do for yourself if you have diabetes or are at risk for developing the disease. If you are not sure where to begin or need to get back on track, here are a few simple starting points.

1. Check Your Blood Glucose!

When you start a new exercise, checking your blood glucose before, during and after your workout is a good idea to track any changes. Changes in your blood glucose, especially in the direction that you want can be very rewarding and motivating. Exercising within two hours after a meal can bring your blood glucose down and can avoid or lower post-meal spikes in your blood glucose.

2. Select Activities You Enjoy

Pick activities that you enjoy. t is human nature to avoid doing the things you really do not

like to do, so try to pick activities you enjoy. Ask a friend to join you; having fun with your

activities lets you more easily make them a permanent and integral part of your diabetes


3. Start Slowly.....

Start slowly with easier activities and progress gradually to working out harder. Exercising

too hard too soon can lead to over soreness and injuries that will more likely make you

more tired and less likely to keep exercising regularly. Start Easy and progress to Moderate activities. This will increase your energy levels and improve your fitness, and your physical and mental health.

4. Schedule It!

Plan your exercise weekly. Write it down or record as you would any other appointment.

Making your exercise a routine in your weekly scheduling will increase the likeliness that

you will adhere to your exercise program and make it a lifestyle change all together.

5. Include Variety

Including different activities can decrease boredom from exercise. Consider joining a

Fitness Club for indoor activities such as walking on treadmill and strength training and

include outdoor activities such as walking outside (when weather permits) or riding a bike.

And remember: Whatever you do...... and however you move…’re moving toward a better blood sugar!

By Susan M. Gouin, MS, CPT

Medical Exercise Specialist

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